Thoughts from the 2015 SLC Comic Con

Me and Hubby at the 2015 SLC Comic ConLast weekend I had the opportunity to attend the 2015 SLC Comic Con. As my sister-in-law put it, it was “like Disneyland for geeks.” Yeah. That pretty much sums it up.

I attended in 2014 as well, but this was my first time cosplaying. I decided to go as a genderbent version of Link from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, with Hubby going as Toon Link from The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. For information on how we put our cosplays together, read this post.

This collection of thoughts accurately sums up the experience from beginning to end.

  • I’m so excited! I’m here! At Comic Con! In a cosplay! I’m gonna pee myself! Wait…don’t do that. That’ll ruin my costume for sure.
  • I hope I don’t have to pee. I don’t want to take all this stuff off and then put it on again. Aha – I just won’t drink any water! Who cares about dehydration anyway?
  • This tap-in ticketing system is smart!
  • No, my sword is not metal. Check – official LARPing foam. Oh, thanks for the sticker?
  • Squee! Cosplay from thing I love! Hubby – come this way! “Person, can I take your picture?” (repeat 100 times throughout the day)
  • Squee! Cosplay from same thing I’m from! Hubby – get over here! “Person, can we get a picture with you?” (repeat ~25 times throughout the day)
  • OOOH look at all the merch!
  • Oh, you want to take my picture? Okay! (repeat 100 times throughout the day)
  • Okay, we need a strategy. We’re going to take the booths by latitude and longitude, and we’re sticking with it until we have seen every single booth here.
  • Where is everyone? I remember more crowding last year.
  • Green screen pics? I’m all over that! Wait – you want me to buy it? Dang you went through all that effort and now I feel obligated to buy it. Okay, take the $5. At least it’ll make a decent souvenir…
  • I’m getting a little hungry. I should have eaten breakfast.
  • Yo! Crazy accurate Spock cosplay! Can I get your picture? Do I want $2 to donate to the Epilepsy Foundation? Heck yeah I do – that’s brilliant! Spock selfie!

Selfie with Spock at the 2015 SLC Comic Con

  • Hahaha – look at all the Attack on Titan cosplayers chasing the titan cosplayer! Run, guys! I hope I get a picture of them later.

Attack on Titan cosplayers at the 2015 SLC Comic Con

  • Oops – got distracted. Back to our row!
  • Awesome art! I want it.
  • Awesome shirt! I want it.
  • Awesome thing! I want it.
  • Handsome man! I want it. Oh wait – that’s Hubby. Yay, I have it!
  • The booths are way better this year than last.
  • I definitely should have eaten breakfast.
  • Ah, now the crowds are coming. This looks more familiar.
  • Hubby, you hungry? Yes? Let’s go get some grub.
  • I don’t care if I have to pee in an hour – I need water, a salad, and a smoothie pronto.
  • People in this mall must think we’re crazy weird geeks. It must be strange to be on the outside. I pity them. What do they look forward to all year?
  • Back to the Con! Time to take this by longitude.
  • My feet are starting to hurt. Thank goodness I’m wearing insoles.
  • Wow, it’s a lot more crowded now.

Two genderbent Link cosplays at the 2015 SLC Comic Con

  • And there’s a lot of people wearing corsets and skimpy fan gear for no particular reason. If you’re going to be showing that much skin, it better be for your cosplay character.
  • I give up on the longitude thing. We’ve seen most of this place by now anyway.
  • My arm’s starting to hurt. Who knew a 10-lb fiberglass shield could feel so heavy?
  • Any more awesome cosplays?
  • I think it’s time to start heading out. Let’s figure out what to buy.
  • Success! Hawkgirl earrings for me and a Link figma for Hubby.
  • Hey look, it’s our friends! We can stay a little longer.
  • Hey friends, can you take a picture of us with this cosplayer? Thanks!
  • Okay, we really need to leave. I don’t know if I can walk anymore.
  • (In the car) Ahhh, it hurts so good….

Driving home from the 2015 SLC Comic Con

In other words, my first cosplay at the 2015 SLC Comic Con was tiring, but SO worth it. Now we have to plan our cosplays for next year!