Additional Resources

Further Reading — The informational website associated with the Bearded Dragon Obsession group on Facebook. (Forum) — If you have a question about your beardie on anything from health to housing, this is the place to take it. I usually get a response within 24 hours of posting.

Bearded Dragon Obsession (Facebook) — Bearded dragon groups have a tendency to err on the side of critical and highly aggressive, which can be very discouraging for new beardie owners. This community was created to combat those stereotypes and approaches beardie husbandry with open minds and a wealth of knowledge. Be sure to read the rules, though!

Beautiful Dragons —  Comprehensive list of fruits, vegetables, and insects rated according to how safe they are to feed a bearded dragon. Great tool for making sure your beardie gets a varied diet!

Here B Dragons — If you want to know more about bearded dragon colors, patterns, and other genetic traits, Here B Dragons explains it thoroughly in this article.

Your First Bearded Dragon — Care guide assembled by Frances Baines MRCVS, author of the UV Guide.


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