Big News on the Bearded Dragon!

Like it says above – BIG NEWS, everybody! MY LANDLORD SAID YES!!!!!

confettiWow, I wonder if this is how my husband felt after he proposed…

And with every good “they said yes!” announcement, there must be a story. *ahem*

I decided that in order to get my bearded dragon, I would proceed in 4 steps, each being the next reaction to a “no.”

  1. By phone, ask if the landlord would allow “small, caged pets.”
  2. Ask if emotional support animals are allowed.
  3. Proceed with in-person appeal/presentation, complete with visual aids and handouts.
  4. Move.

I’ve been waiting all weekend to enact the first step, and potentially the second. As early as I could, I took one of my 15-minute breaks. My stomach was in knots. My mind threatened to go blank. I clutched my notebook, in it the script I was to follow. I had to keep my mind clear. I called the office.

“Hello, this is ____ Real Estate. How can I help you?”

“Hi… I – um – called for a refresher on the pet policy at my 4-plex. Is it specific to certain buildings?”

“It shouldn’t be. What’s your question?”

“What is the general pet policy?”

“Pets are not allowed at all.”

Crud. Okay Mariah, stay strong. Keep going. “What about a small, caged animal, like a fish?”

“In a bowl?”


“That should be okay. Let me check with the manager real quick.” (puts me on hold for a minute) “Yeah as long as it’s a bowl and not a tank.”

“Great. I can understand that – water damage isn’t fun.” Stop here, Mariah, stop! No, I have to investigate further. “So the main concern is water damage and/or allergens? What about another animal?”

“Rodents are not allowed.”

“That’s okay, I don’t like rodents. I mean a nonvenomous, friendly reptile that stays in its tank all day – like a Bearded Dragon.”

“Let me ask the manager again.” Pause. My heart rate is rising… “He says that should be fine.”

*internal explosion of euphoria and relief*

“Excellent! Thank you!”


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how it went. I didn’t even get to Step 2 of my plan! I learned that people who choose to go the honest route (rather than trying to sneak around the rules) are generally rewarded. I was also reminded of how much Heavenly Father cares – even if we’re asking for something a little silly. 🙂




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  1. This is the best!!! I am SO happy for you and Chad! And I have also found that Heavenly Father often answers even silly prayers. I’m so excited for you guys!