Additional Resources

Further Reading

Beautiful Dragons —  Originally created for bearded dragons, but just as applicable to blue tongue skinks. This is a comprehensive list of fruits, vegetables, and insects rated according to how safe they are to feed. Great tool for making sure your bluey gets a varied diet!

Blue-Tongued Skinks: Contributions to the Knowledge of Tiliqua and Cyclodomorphus — Known as the “Blue Tongue Bible,” this is a must-have for any BTS keeper. Of course, it’s also more expensive than most college textbooks, so jump on it immediately if you ever find a good deal. — This is the best organized, most comprehensive site on specifically blue tongue skink care I’ve found yet. And that’s saying a lot, since there’s not a lot of information out there… — The must-join forum for any blue tongue skink keeper. The best place to make friends with other skink people and get answers to random questions.

Blue Tongue Skink Hobbyists — (Facebook) Excellent community of BTS people, with phenomenal files for in-depth reading on BTS care.

Reptile Mountain — Blue tongue skink breeder and educator. Site contains husbandry advice, helpful links, and LOTS of blue tongue skink photos.

ReptileMountain.TV — Reptile Mountain’s Youtube channel. Excellent videos with fantastic information delivered by an experienced blue tongue skink breeder. I highly recommend listening to his videos whenever you get a chance.

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