Feeder Insect Nutrition Facts for Reptile Keepers

Feeder Insect Nutrition Facts - Chameleon (ReptiFiles)

How often do you check the nutrition facts on the food you eat? Depending on your fitness and dietary goals, you probably pay attention to carbs, fat, protein, and vitamins. Paying attention to what you eat and pursuing a balanced… Continue Reading


Reptile Jargon and How to Decode It

The WORLD'S FIRST online dictionary of reptile vocabulary

Are you new to the reptile hobby? Did you come across a word, term, or acronym in your research that confused you? Do you have a reptile-loving friend who seems to be speaking in a different language? Welcome to the… Continue Reading


What You Need to Know About Reptile Vitamins

reptile calcium meme with dave chappelle

In a perfect world full of perfect people, we would effortlessly meet our daily nutrition requirements, never overeating. We would intuitively balance our reptiles’ diets to make sure they always get the right balance and quantities of reptile vitamins and… Continue Reading


How Much Do Reptiles Cost?

calculating how much a reptile costs

This is a question I get every once in a while: “How much do reptiles cost?” And I always hesitate, because it’s such a complicated answer. As with any animal, cost varies largely depending on the species and standard of… Continue Reading


How to Snake-Proof Your House

Borneo short tail python in snake-proof room

Have you ever tried putting a leash on a snake? I don’t recommend it. But how else can you simultaneously bond with your snake and help it get some healthy exercise? Allow me to introduce IGer urbansnakemagic. You may already… Continue Reading


How to Build a Reptile First-Aid Kit

bearded dragon using chlorhexidine from reptile first aid kit

In a perfect world, pets would always be healthy and never get hurt. But even when you’re taking every precaution, accidents happen. And when accidents happen, having a reptile first aid kit on hand goes a long way toward your… Continue Reading