Do You Have What it Takes for Reptile Rescue?

Do You Have What it Takes for Bearded Dragon Rescue?

If you love reptiles, it doesn’t take much to start daydreaming about reptile rescue: a few minutes browsing the local classifieds, a quick trip inside a big chain pet store, an inspirational story from Instagram. A suffering little reptile face… Continue Reading


Why Reptile Kits Are a Useless Waste of Money

Why Reptile Kits Are a Useless Waste of Money

Imagine you’re at a reptile expo for the first time, or maybe your kid dragged you to the pet store because they’ve been bugging you for a pet and you finally caved. As you shop, you second-guess yourself, remembering that… Continue Reading


17 Cringe-Worthy Excuses People Make When Selling Their Reptiles

Sometimes when I’m browsing the local reptile classifieds, I get a little depressed (or I want to take them all, depending on the day). Some are sick, some have obviously poor husbandry, many are the result of a saturated market,… Continue Reading


Elitism in the Reptile Hobby Needs to Stop NOW

elitism in the reptile hobby - snakey the ball python

With sneks in hats and seductive leopard geckos proliferating on the Internet, we are seeing a shift in public perception of reptiles from creepy to – dare I say – cute? This is GREAT! Positive press → more interest →… Continue Reading


Emergency Preparedness with Pet Reptiles

emergency preparedness with pet reptiles - power outage

If disaster strikes tomorrow, would you still be able to take care of your reptiles? If you’re like me, you probably haven’t thought much about it. But just like it’s a good idea to keep a savings account, it’s good… Continue Reading


Wild Caught vs. Captive Bred Reptiles — What’s the Big Deal?

Wild caught reptile - Merauke Indonesian blue tongue skink

Occasionally you might see the abbreviation “CB” or “WC” in a reptile ad. What does it mean? And why does it matter? Read on to find out. CB = Captive Bred Captive bred reptiles have never lived in the wild.… Continue Reading