17 Cringe-Worthy Excuses People Make When Selling Their Reptiles

Sometimes when I’m browsing the local reptile classifieds, I get a little depressed (or I want to take them all, depending on the day). Some are sick, some have obviously poor husbandry, many are the result of a saturated market,… Continue Reading


What if Tinder Profiles Were Like Reptile Ads?

What if Tinder Profiles Were Like Reptile Ads

If you’re a reptile person, chances are that you check the reptile section of your local classifieds just as often as you check Facebook (or more). There’s always the same cliches, euphemisms, and excuses. It’s like a whole new language —… Continue Reading


Study Discovers Viral Cause Behind Reptile Addiction

laboratory image for satire article, 'Study Discovers Viral Cause Behind Reptile Addiction'

  A virus may be behind some of the bizarre behavior observed in so-called “reptile people,” according to a recent study. Many would agree that those with a passion for reptiles are strange. Some have gone so far as to… Continue Reading


Common Reptile Myths That Drive Reptile People CRAZY!

common reptile myths that drive reptile people crazy

Reptiles have a bad reputation. Over the centuries, myths ranging from slightly incorrect to outlandishly ridiculous have emerged. Although modern reptile research and the recent popularity of the exotic pet hobby has proven these myths false several times over, they continue… Continue Reading


Freaking Cute Baby Reptiles

cute reptiles - juvenile sand boa

You don’t have to be warm and fluffy to be cute—in fact, baby reptiles are freaking ADORABLE! Don’t believe me? I give you…..cute reptiles!             ^^ So this may not actually be a baby. But it… Continue Reading


Your Reptile Horoscope

Reptile expo horoscope: Scorpio - iguana

Tinley NARBC and the Wasatch Reptile Expo are coming up on the 15th, so the stars are aligned and now is the perfect time to find your reptilian soulmate. Introducing…the reptile horoscope! Compiled with a pinch of reptile education, too many… Continue Reading