How to Find a Lost Snake

how to find a lost snake - juvenile boa constrictor

Snakes are master escape artists; they are smooth, slender, flexible, strong, and smarter than we give them credit for (generally). Coupled with ambush hunting instincts honed from thousands of years of evolution, they really have a knack for hide n’… Continue Reading


The TRUTH About Blood Python Temperament

blood python by Chris Jensen

Blood python temperament gets a pretty bad rep in the reptile world. People call them “nasty,” “aggressive,” even “savage.” And as heavy-bodied adults with bright red coloring, they certainly look the part. But what if I told you that the… Continue Reading


Eek! What to Do When There’s a Snake in the House

Snake in the house or backyard

Eek! You just found a snake in the house, or maybe in your yard. But now there’s only one thought on your mind: Make it go away! Everyone loves summer, including snakes—which means that you will be seeing more of… Continue Reading


How to Snake-Proof Your House

Borneo short tail python in snake-proof room

Have you ever tried putting a leash on a snake? I don’t recommend it. But how else can you simultaneously bond with your snake and help it get some healthy exercise? Allow me to introduce IGer urbansnakemagic. You may already… Continue Reading


Herping Fun at Lake Powell

Lake Powell lizard - side-blotched

Whoo! Just got back from a week-long vacation at Lake Powell. It was perfect—soft sand beach, sleeping under the stars, lots of laughs shared with good friends, and lots of writing time. But let’s talk about REPTILES! That’s right friends: Hubby and I… Continue Reading


Help USARK: Don’t Post Snake Feeding Videos

Cute snake protected by USARK

USARK (United States Association of Reptile Keepers) is a national organization promoting reptile awareness, responsible care standards, and professionalism in the reptile hobby. And one of their biggest fights is keeping snakes, and especially the large ones, legal as pets.… Continue Reading