Freaking Cute Baby Reptiles

You don’t have to be warm and fluffy to be cute—in fact, baby reptiles are freaking ADORABLE!

Don’t believe me?

I give you…..cute reptiles!

cute baby reptiles - corn snake

Corn snake. (Photo credit: TGIQ on Flickr)


cute baby reptiles - crested gecko

Crested gecko. (Photo credit: ReptiFiles)


cute baby reptiles - crimson day gecko

Crimson day gecko. (Photo credit: Unknown)


cute baby reptiles - burmese python

Burmese python. (Photo credit: Katelyn Kosted @ All Around Austin Exotic Pets on Flickr)


cute baby reptiles - hatchling savannah monitor

Savannah monitor. (Photo credit: LLL Reptile)


cute baby reptiles - juvenile sand boa

Sand boa. (Photo credit: John Harnden on Flickr)


cute reptiles - shingleback skink, bobtail skink, blue tongue skink

Shingleback skink. (Photo credit: Alain Steffes)

^^ So this may not actually be a baby. But it was the best picture I could find!


cute baby reptiles - dwarf caiman babies

Dwarf caimans.


cute reptiles - eastern hognose snake

Eastern hognose. (Photo credit: Sean Fitzgerald)

^^This is actually a defensive behavior. But they look oh so cute while doing it…



Water monitors (Source: NERD)

If you’re ready for a pet water monitor, NERD is hands-down the best place to get them.

Convinced yet? 😉 Which baby was your favorite?

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