Help! I Need to Convince My Landlord to Let Me Have a Bearded Dragon!

I made a big mistake yesterday.

Hubby told me that there was an awesome pet shop in the neighborhood, so on our way to pick up some Halloween costume supplies, I asked if we could drop by. That was the mistake.

We walked into the pet shop. I had never noticed it on Center Street before, but judging by the storefront, I figured it would be pretty small. We passed a few aisles of pet supplies, and overall I was nonplussed, but then I noticed they had a large back room. Half of it was fish tanks. The other half was REPTILES!!!

They had snakes and chameleons and geckos and turtles and tortoises. Best of all, they also had BEARDED DRAGONS from baby to adult.

Wait, let’s back up here. There is something you should understand: I love reptiles. We’ve discussed this before. One of the reptiles I’ve been coveting for a while is a Bearded Dragon. I mean, just look at these cuties!

adult and baby bearded dragon244531454737544812_1nCjnOPK_cbearded-dragon-careI rest my case.

I held one, a citrus female adult. She was glass dancing like crazy! (Video: Beardie doesn’t start until about 13 seconds in)

While this can mean several things, one of the meanings can be that it wants to get out and socialize. They’re so friendly it just kills me.

Holding her was such a mistake.

I mean, she was content to just chill on my shoulder, but I got infected with the Beardie Bug. And now, buying one is all I can think about!


Here’s my problem:

My building has a no-pets policy. Pretty sure it’s against cats and dogs, but when I asked tentatively about reptiles over email, I got a pretty solid “no.” I don’t get it! Bearded dragons are:

  • Non-aggressive, actually very friendly
  • Not destructive
  • Confined in a terrarium = no mess
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Large enough not to sneak out and get lost
  • Very quiet

They don’t even live in water, so there’s no fear of potential water damage! And escaping? Maybe outside. There’s no hallways between apartments.

After doing some research, and feeling very determined, I’ve decided to request a face-to-face meeting with my landlords to see if I can’t amend the terms of my lease. Here’s the plan so far:

  • Have convincing materials on hand: Bearded Dragon fact sheet with citations, pictures, and a copy of how I plan to house the lizard
  • Present a list of all the reasons why Bearded Dragons are the ideal apartment pet, comparing to cats, dogs, rodents, and even children.
  • Have an written agreement of my responsibilities if something does happen due to the Beardie
  • Offer a reasonable pet deposit in either an annual or monthly sum

My first move, of course, is to make a phone call and ask if “small caged pets” would be allowed, as there’s a general prejudice against reptiles. Why? I have no idea.

Could I just move elsewhere? I suppose, but we just renewed our lease in August, so we’d have to sell the place. Kind of a hassle for a lizard. But if they don’t say yes, it’s very likely my husband and I will be moving next summer.

Anyway, that’s my plan, and I’ll be developing it to perfection before making my presentation. Wish me luck! I’ll let you know how it goes.


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