• uncontrolled twitching/jerking
  • affected gecko will likely lose its perch and fall to the ground
  • weight loss


  • not enough vitamins
  • not enough calcium (“calcium crash”)
  • MBD


Check the gecko’s calcium sacs if you can — these are how mourning geckos store dietary calcium for future use. You should be able to see two prominent white ovals through the translucent skin under her neck. If you don’t see anything, she’s likely calcium deficient and may also be exhibiting symptoms of Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD).

  • Dust feeder insects with a calcium powder like Rep-Cal + D3 or Miner-ALL Indoor.
  • Offer a small dish of loose calcium powder on a gecko feeding shelf.
  • Install a low-intensity UVB like the Zoo Med ReptiSun 2.0 or 5.0.

If you are not offering crested gecko diet (CGD) as a secondary food source, your gecko may be suffering from a vitamin deficiency. If you are offering crested gecko diet but the gecko seems to be getting enough calcium, you may be using the wrong brand of CGD.

  • Offer a small dish of prepared CGD 3x weekly.
  • Make sure your are using a reputable CGD brand like Pangea or Repashy.

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