Tanks vs. Tubs — What is the Best Type of Reptile Enclosure?

Reptile Mountain blue tongue skink tubs

Have you ever witnessed what happens when someone posts a question about housing to a reptile group? Spoiler alert: it’s explosive. As differing opinions clash, things can get heated pretty quickly. We all care deeply about the welfare of our… Continue Reading


Elitism in the Reptile Hobby Needs to Stop NOW

elitism in the reptile hobby - snakey the ball python

With sneks in hats and seductive leopard geckos proliferating on the Internet, we are seeing a shift in public perception of reptiles from creepy to – dare I say – cute? This is GREAT! Positive press → more interest →… Continue Reading


What if Tinder Profiles Were Like Reptile Ads?

What if Tinder Profiles Were Like Reptile Ads

If you’re a reptile person, chances are that you check the reptile section of your local classifieds just as often as you check Facebook (or more). There’s always the same cliches, euphemisms, and excuses. It’s like a whole new language —… Continue Reading


Wasatch Reptile Expo 2017 — Fall’s TOP 10!

Mark's Ark, moonglow boa constrictor

Several vendors were missing at the Fall 2017 Wasatch Reptile Expo due to the Sacramento show being on the same weekend, but I’ve gotta say, our local vendors and breeders put out an excellent show! This season’s rankings ignore the… Continue Reading


How to Find a Lost Snake

how to find a lost snake - juvenile boa constrictor

Snakes are master escape artists; they are smooth, slender, flexible, strong, and smarter than we give them credit for (generally). Coupled with ambush hunting instincts honed from thousands of years of evolution, they really have a knack for hide n’… Continue Reading


I Have a Confession

RIP Nabooru — I failed you.

I don’t know what to talk about this week. Less than a month ago, I came home from vacation to realize that my petite little beardie, Nabooru, had died. And on Tuesday I made an appointment with the vet for… Continue Reading