Parenting Tips I’ve Learned from Reptiles

Hubby and I may not have kids yet, but our reptile children are doing everything they can to prep us. From dealing with bedtime tantrums to persuading picky eaters, these are the parenting tips I’ve learned:

1. Poop happens. And it can be cleaned up.

Bearded dragon on Christmas morning

She pooped on this *new* dress a minute later—an hour before church!

2. Trust your third eye/intuition. Letting Morgana explore the house has really honed that one.

Blue tongue skink hiding

“Look where I am, Mom!”

3. They will test your reflexes better than Mr. Miyagi.

Blue tongue skink escape

Morgana is a master escape artist.

4. Tantrums must be handled with patience, and with respect to the individual.

Lizard in hair

Admittedly, I lost this one.

5. Sometimes snuggles are all they need.

Snake snuggles

6. Let them feel like a part of your life.

snake belt

Strider made the best belt.

7. Teach them how to help you with chores.

Lizard in laundry

(Regardless of whether they’re actually helpful)

8. Finding nutritious food they like is a struggle. Don’t give up!

Blue tongue skink food

Believe it or not I have to mash this all up.

9. In order to understand a being who can’t talk, you must become a master of body language.

Bearded dragon food dish

More, please!

10. Give them space.

Blue tongue skink hide

“I’m fine, just want to be alone right now.”

11. However much you insist to the contrary, you will end up talking about them. Regardless of your friends’ interest.

Instagram best nine

See the pattern?

What do YOUR pets (scaley and furry) teach you about parenting? Tell us your parenting tips in the comments—I’d love to hear from you!


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  1. My children have taught me that it is all about joy in the journey and having fun is not a bonus – it is essential. Laughter is the best cure.