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Recommended Products

A collection of top-quality, ReptiFiles-approved products to make the reptile life a little easier.

Reptile Food

A lot of reptile nutrition/prey suppliers claim to have the best, but few actually do. This page offers a list of *trustworthy* ways to feed your reptiles.

Terrarium Cleaning Tips

Not sure what products are safe? ReptiFiles has a list of tried-and-true methods here.

Terrarium Design

Planning on adding another herp to the collection? Remodeling your herp’s current space? Get inspiration and supplies at the links listed on this page.

Species-Specific Resources

Looking for more information about a certain species? High quality forums, blogs, and social media pages are listed here.

Friends of ReptiFiles

If there’s an awesome reptile blog, Etsy store, article, or otherwise reptile-related website that deserves sharing, ReptiFiles bookmarks them on this page.


**I am not paid or otherwise compensated for promoting these reptile care products and services. The recommendations below are based solely upon my own high opinion.**