Halloween Shenanigans of 2014

Chad and I had our first date two Halloweens ago. So it’s fitting that this holiday is quickly becoming a big event in our family. This year, the theme was a Legend of Zelda Halloween!

photo 3

Toon Link from Wind Waker

Toon Link - Wind Waker cosplay - sidle

Ah, the famous Wind Waker sidle.

Adult toon Link cosplay (Wind Waker) - front viewAdult toon Link cosplay (Wind Waker) - side view

Costume Breakdown:

Hair: short blond women’s wig from Taylor Maid Beauty & Theatrical, styled with Got 2 B Glued gel and hairspray (and maybe a few tears)

Ears: AradaniCostumes.com – check them out, they’re amazing

Lobster tunic: made from a men’s pajama shirt pattern, with a cotton/poly blend fabric in the best matching blue we could find. Details were done with iron-on shirt decals.

Orange trousers: men’s skinny jeans from Zumiez, also in the best matching (yet still reusable) orange we could find

Boat shoes: gray, from WalMart. That’s the  best I can give ya.

Bracelets: leather bracelets that one can find virtually anywhere


Changes for Comic Con – I would like to do a better job of mattifying the wig, probably with a fabric softener technique I found on Pinterest. Also, the socks in the boat shoes need to go. I think he just wore them since it was cold that night, though.


(Genderbent) Link from Twilight Princess


Genderbent Twilight Princess Link - front viewGenderbent Twilight Princess Link - hair, makeup, ears

Costume Breakdown:

Hat: made it w/o a pattern from a fabric that matched the tunic. The subtle floral design added just the right feminine touch. I also added some leathing “stitching” on each side with leather strips and grommets.

Hair: naturally brown, unnaturally straightened

Ears: same as the Wind Waker costume

Earrings: you can’t see them in the pictures, but I was wearing small, thick gold hoop earrings in both ears from Icing

Makeup: chocolate brown, gold and beige eyeshadow; brown eyeliner with subtle cat eye, nude lip, contouring and neutral blush

White undershirt: Under Armour turtleneck – you can even see the logo on the neck haha

“Chain mail”:  gold chain necklace I found at Forever 21, I’d post a link, but I can’t find it 🙁

Hero’s tunic: green satin tunic from H&M –> link <– haha, get it? LINK.

Brown, elbow-length, fingerless gloves: another Taylor Maid find – I had to rip out the elastic, since they were originally ruched. You can find these anywhere though.

Pants: my husband’s khaki dress trousers, held onto my waist with a safety pin. Nope, not kidding.

Boots: brown leather riding boots. Virtually every girl has a pair of these.

Sword belt: Amazon, $18 plus $15 shipping –> link

LARP Master sword: Etsy, $30 –> link

Hylian shield: Amazon, $57 and worth it –> link


Changes for Comic Con – Makeup: faux eyelashes, nude lipstick. Clothes: replace Under Armour turtleneck for a real white turtleneck, plus customizing for accuracy; replace Chad’s trousers with off white skinny jeans. Repaint sword and shield for better accuracy.


Majora’s Moon Pumpkin

With Chad’s help, I managed to pull off this pumpkin carving this year! I’m pretty proud – Zelda Universe even shared it on their Twitter and Facebook! Best of all, it won us Scariest Pumpkin at my job’s pumpkin carving contest!

Majora's Mask pumpkin

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  1. So awesome! I wish I could have seen you guys in person! You both looked great! Chad looks unrecognizable as a blonde!