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Hi — I’m Mariah. Thanks for visiting ReptiFiles!

I love telling people that I have reptiles. They always look at my husband and ask, “How did you convince her?” as if it’s some kind of miracle for a woman to have—and seemingly enjoy—an animal that isn’t fluffy or conventionally cute. Then my favorite part comes: Chad looks them dead in the eye and says, “Actually, she convinced me.”

The passion started early, as these things usually do. When I was about 4, my pediatrician was a friend of the family, and we visited her home often. Her house was better than a zoo—dogs, turtles, and an African lungfish named Louie, among other things. But my favorite was their sandfish skink. His name was Wink, and my most vivid memories of him are of my pediatrician poking the sand with a pencil to make Wink show himself.

I guess the DIY zoo thing rubbed off, too, because I have a looong list of reptiles I would like to add to the collection one day…..

But enough about me! What’s in this blog for you?

  • free, accurate care information on a variety of reptile species
  • collaborations with reptile experts around the world
  • objective discussion of common controversies
  • reptile-related humor
  • everything else we think you might find useful or interesting

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Young girl petting an Asian water monitor at Prehistoric Pets - ReptiFiles

An old family picture of me with an Asian water monitor at Prehistoric Pets. Remember friends – children have no fear; they learn it from the people around them!