Ball Python Terrarium Decorations

Ball python terrarium decorations are more than just furniture or accessories to make a reptile’s terrarium look prettier. While they can serve an important aesthetic function, they enhance a reptile’s quality of life by mimicking their natural environment and providing mental stimulation (or as zoos call it, “enrichment”). And since ball pythons like to hide, feel free to clutter it up!

Heavy water dish — Ball pythons thrive when they have access to a large water dish full of fresh water. Aside from drinking a lot, they also like to soak on occasion, especially before shedding. Choose a heavy ceramic bowl or equivalent so the snake doesn’t accidentally knock it over and soak their substrate.

Hides — Ball pythons are shy creatures that need at least 2 hides for best health. One should be placed on the cool end of the tank, and another should be place on the warm end. For best results, add a 3rd hide on the warm end, filled with moist sphagnum moss to facilitate shedding.

Logs — Ball pythons are terrestrial creatures (not to mention rather clumsy) so climbing branches are not an option. However, logs are perfect, especially if they have a hollow space for hiding. Install at least one sturdy branch that the snake can safely slither over.

ball python terrarium decorations - ball python with branch

Asclepius loves his log — lots and lots! Photo by Kent Pimental

Artificial foliage — Okay, I’ll admit, this one is mostly for aesthetics. But these can also assist in shedding as well as provide more places for your snake to hide. Artificial plants tend to be better than real ones because some can be toxic, and are usually a little too fragile to last long.

Terrarium Background — This is also a mostly aesthetic item, but can be very useful if you are keeping your ball python in a glass terrarium. A background should be used to cover 3 sides of the terrarium, helping your snake feel more secure in its environment. has a huge variety of background images to choose from.

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