Reptile Gifts for the Reptile People in Your Life — Christmas 2017

It’s that time of year again!

Mugs and tee-shirts are great and all, but when it comes to Christmas gifts, creativity shows just how much you care — even if you don’t share their passion for reptiles. To make your search easier (believe me, Googling “reptile gifts” doesn’t work as well as it should), we’ve put together a list of ideas for all tastes, from the lover of cute things to the more sophisticated reptile enthusiast.

54″ Plush Rhino Viper

ReptiFiles' Christmas 2017 reptile gifts - rhino viper plush

They also have a variety of other snake species (although sadly the ball python is out of stock): anaconda, cobra, coral snake, eastern cottonmouth, rainbow boa, western diamondback rattlesnake, and others. They also have a selection of alligators, turtles, and tortoises.

Get it now for $12 at WildRepublic


Giant Reptile Gummies

Christmas 2017 reptile gifts — giant gummy reptiles

As a gummy enthusiast, I can testify that Vat19 has an incredible selection of gummies. For those who enjoy both reptiles and gummy candy, they have a 2.5′ personal-sized gummy snake, gummy gators, gummy dart frogs (not a reptile, I know, but they’re a herp so close enough). Or if you’re feeling really daring, they also have a 26 lb, 7′ long gummy python!

Try one now for $13-$18 


3D Printed Gecko Rings

Christmas 2017 reptile gifts — leopard gecko ring

Do you have a friend who’s absolutely obsessed with their leopard gecko? This ring might be the perfect gift. The site offers two different gecko designs, but have other animal designs as well.

Select yours for $14 at ClickableDeals


Reptiles Magazine

Christmas 2017 reptile gifts — Subscription to Reptiles Magazine

Give a gift that lasts all year long with a subscription to Reptiles magazine. Each issue contains articles on snakes, lizards, chelonians, as well as amphibians, so there’s something for everyone.

1 year (6 issues) for a discounted rate of just $15. Sign up here


Reptile Artwork & Keychains

Christmas 2017 reptile gifts — Emily Burke reptile artwork

Emily Burke Artwork offers a selection of beautiful artwork prints, posters, and keychains between $15-$35.

See her gallery here


Dinosaur Teeth

Christmas 2017 reptile gifts — fossils from The Bone Room

The Bone Room offers real fossils for affordable prices — perfect stocking stuffers for reptile enthusiasts of any age. Dinosaur teeth (choose from a raptor or rebbachisaurus) go for for $25. If your friend has a good sense of humor (or maybe if they made the naughty list), you can also get coprolites for $10 each.

See available fossils here


Vinyl Record Chameleon Wall Clock

Christmas 2017 reptile gifts — Chameleon wall clock

This artist uses vintage vinyl records to create themed clocks of all kinds. The perfect gift for your chameleon-crazy friend!

Get this fun piece of art for $27 on Etsy


Turtle Slippers

Christmas 2017 reptile gifts — Turtle slippers

Are they turtles? Are they tortoises? Who cares! Perfect for any chelonian addict.

Get them now for $30 at TeeTurtle


Reptile Themed Wall Clock

Christmas 2017 reptile gifts — Wooden reptile clock

If vinyl records aren’t their thing, how about a wood burned clock with reptiles of all kinds for your friend’s reptile room?

Get it now for $35 at ViralStyle


Bearded Dragon Carrier

Christmas 2017 reptile gift ideas — mobile bearded dragon carrier

Do you know someone who likes to take their beardie everywhere? This is how you become their favorite human.

Get it now for $40 at LizardontheGo


DIY Paper Tortoise Lamp Kit

Christmas 2017 reptile gift ideas — Paper tortoise lamp kit

An elegant reptile-themed home decoration with all the fun of a DIY project. Just keep them away from the real tortoises!

Get it now for $50 on Etsy


Sterling Silver Snake Earrings

Christmas 2017 reptile gifts — Cobra earrings

Beautifully crafted 0.925 sterling silver earrings made by Thai artist Wadarat Supasirisuk in Thailand. Choose from cobras, winding snake drop earrings, or the infinity serpent design.

Get them now for $22-$54 from Novica


Handmade Ball Python Jewelry

Christmas 2017 reptile gifts — ball python jewelry

A talented artist in Japan makes each of these incredibly lifelike wearable sculptures by hand. Necklace pendants cost about $90, and rings go for about $134. You may have to wait a while for completion, but the result is a one-of-a-kind work of art.

See their catalog here


Custom Reptile Plushie

Christmas 2017 reptile gifts — Custom reptile plushies

Petsies converts photos of any pet into a plush replica. They have two options — super soft Huggables and unbelievably detailed Forevers. Both options are airbrushed to match your reptile’s markings. (This is a thoughtful way to remember a lost pet.)

Going for $159-$199 at MyPetsies


Lifelike Reptile Statuettes by Jason Shanaman

Christmas 2017 reptile gift ideas — Bearded dragon statuette

So lifelike, you’d swear they were breathing. Currently available: bearded dragon, uromastyx, and russian tortoise.

Check out his pieces on Etsy


Reptile Photo Prints by Sibons Photography

Christmas 2017 reptile gifts — reptile photography by Sibons Photography

I want to wallpaper my reptile room with Lorenzo de Roo’s breathtaking work. <3 Simply buy the image, then print on canvas — no waiting for shipping!

Browse his gallery now


Remember, reptiles are NOT easy pets that can

be given to children as Christmas gifts.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!