Gargoyle Gecko Terrarium Size Requirements

Because gargoyle geckos are arboreal, they need more vertical space than horizontal, and for ease of access I strongly recommend investing in a front-opening enclosure. Here’s the general rules for gargoyle gecko terrarium size:

  • Hatchlings (<10g) — 5 gallons
  • Juveniles (10-30g) — 10 gallons
  • Adults (>30g) — 20+ gallons

A single adult gargoyle gecko can be kept well enough in a 12x12x18 (30x30x45 cm) Exo Terra or Zoo Med terrarium. However, if you have the means, I recommend upgrading to the 18x18x24 (45x45x60 cm) after it hits 40g or so. This will give your gecko more space for exercise and hunting, and can thereby help keep it in better health.

Most keepers house their gargoyle geckos in glass enclosures to help maintain humidity, but if you live in an area with a relatively high ambient humidity (about 50% or higher), you can also house your gecko in a screen enclosure. These are less heavy and more affordable than their glass counterparts, although installing an automatic misting system is recommended for screen enclosures.

red stripe gargoyle geckos - gargoyle gecko terrarium size information

Red stripe male and female. Photo by Tiki’s Geckos

Can I keep 2 or more gargoyle geckos together?

It depends. Keeping hatchlings (babies) and juveniles together is not recommended because they can be cannibalistic.

Once they’ve reached adulthood, groups of females can be kept together without much incident. One male and multiple females can also be kept together as a breeding colony — but only if breeding is the intention. The key to success with groups is to provide lots of space, offer multiple feeding ledges, and cluttering the terrarium with visual barriers (leaves, branches, vines, cork tubes, etc.). A good rule of thumb is to add 5 gallons of additional space for each additional gecko.

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