Additional Resources

Further Information

Geckos Unlimited — Great community of knowledgeable gecko people. If you have questions that ReptiFiles doesn’t answer, give these guys a try. Reading through past threads is also an excellent way to do additional research on your new pet. Highly recommend!!

Leopard Gecko Care and Advice — Facebook group with extensive experience, great files, and active members. Strict group rules and a stricter policy against cohabitation, heat lamps, and all types of loose substrate. Those who join should be able to take constructive criticism.

Leopard Gecko Advanced Care and Breeding — Facebook group, now renamed to just “Leopard Gecko Network.” Strict group rules against loose substrate, excepting bioactive setups.

Leopard Gecko Network 2.0 — Friendlier than Leopard Gecko Care and Advice, but with fewer and less active members. Group rules are strict, but fair, and the files contain excellent information.

Lizardbeans on Tumblr — Solid information with helpful insights into leopard gecko keeping.

Natural History and Biology of Hobbyist Choice Leopard Gecko Eublepharis macularius — Scientific report on the natural environment and habits of wild leopard geckos written by Muhammad Sharif Khan. Published 2009.

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